SMS Services

Save your time and money and increase the communication network within your real estate office, by sending text messages from your email account to the mobile phones of agents and clients.

The mobile phone has become an essential communication tool for all businesses, because with a mobile phone a business’s internal organisation network continues to operate whilst agents are on the move.  In regard to communicating with clients, most people spend more time carrying their mobile phones then they do watching TV or listening to the radio, as a result SMS messages can be used as a cost-effective advertising medium to reach prospective buyers and sellers. 


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An Address Book facility has been provided allowing agents to manage business contacts.
All contacts contained in the Address Book can be sent an SMS individually or as a group, using a simple and uncomplicated method; the only skills needed to utilise the service are basic keyboard skills.

Pricing for SMS Credits                      

  •        50 SMS Messages 15 cents each + GST $       8.25 inc gst

  •      100 SMS Messages 14 cents each + GST $     15.40 inc gst

  •      250 SMS Messages 13 cents each + GST $     37.25 inc gst

  •      500 SMS Messages 12 cents each + GST $     66.00 inc gst

  •   1,000 SMS Messages 10 cents each + GST $   110.00 inc gst

  •   5,000 SMS Messages 09 cents each + GST $   495.00 inc gst

  • 10,000 SMS Messages 08 cents each + GST $   880.00 inc gst

  • 25,000 SMS Messages 07 cents each + GST $ 1925.00 inc gst

  • 50,000 SMS Messages 06 cents each + GST $ 3300.00 inc gst

  • 75,000 SMS Messages 05 cents each + GST $ 4125.00 inc gst