Business Development

At Premises Aus Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on creating innovative online strategies that can be intergrated with your business objectives. Developing an Internet business strategy is an ongoing process, as strategies must change to reflect your growing organisation; as a result we focus on developing dynamic websites that can be adapted to all business needs.

To ensure success for your organisation, we will analyse your business strategies and goals, in order to provide a cost-effective, complete online solution that will cater for all your long-term needs.

Our solutions will in turn help you increase productivity and you will end up with an website that is really a total business strategy; furthermore at AU1NET we have the expertise to provide continuous hosting services with maintenance and ongoing technical support, to ensure total satisfaction.

To give you an idea of the solutions we provide, the following are some examples of the goals that we have achieved through our Internet business development programme:

- Establish your business identity on the internet
- Building Internet, internal and external communications
- Expanding your client and sales database with new cutting edge internet techniques
- Increasing your existing business practices using the internet as a salesman working for you 24  hours per day
- Generating new revenue?s while reducing costs
- Electronically re-engineering your business for the future
- Our strength at is that we maximise the potential of your business on the internet

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